"When you talk about the future of healthcare in America, you're speaking of the care provided at our clinic every day. At Valley Laboratories, you receive high-quality, efficient care for better value. Such specialization means better quality for our patients."

- Dr. Arvind Movva, CEO, Gastroenterology Consultants

Welcome to Valley Laboratories

Valley Laboratories is an important link between you and your physician. Your lab work is performed onsite by a trained gastrointestinal pathologist who is available to consult with your physician, guaranteeing the best treatment plan for you! Convenient, efficient, and effective: Valley Laboratories delivers high quality care and superior value.

Many medical conditions, including all cases of cancer, must be diagnosed by removing a sample of tissue from the patient and sending it to a pathologist for examination. This procedure is called a biopsy. Any organ in the body can be biopsied using a variety of techniques, some of which require major surgery, while others do not even require local anesthesia.  After the biopsy specimen is obtained by the doctor, it is sent for examination to another doctor, the anatomic pathologist, who reviews the biopsy under the microscope and prepares a written report with information designed to help the primary doctor manage the patient's condition properly.

The pathologist is a physician specializing in rendering medical diagnoses by examination of tissues, cells, and fluids removed from the body. To be a pathologist, a medical school graduate undertakes a four-year residency training program, after which he or she is eligible to take the examination given by the American Board of Pathology. On successful completion of this exam, this particular specialist is referred to as a "Board Certified Pathologist."